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Adult Taekwondo Program

Adult Taekwondo Program

Adult Taekwondo Program

Our Adult Classes are designed for a good work out while learning to defend yourself at the same time! Taekwondo provides an exciting alternative to the traditional work-outs. Unlike any programmed, machine-like routine, our Adult Taekwondo program allows for a more dynamic and energetic class. Black Belt Steele Creek instructors concentrate on helping adults improve their physical and mental health, as well as their overall well-being. The adult program works as a stress reliever, and focuses on stretching and flexibility. No age is "too old" to be healthy. No life is "too busy" to start on your goals today. We believe balance is the best way to achieve a better life.

Taekwondo is often called the ultimate self-defense martial art, promoting the improved formation of one's character while teaching the importance of both physical and mental conditioning. By building up self-confidence, self-respect and self-discipline in the friendly yet competitive atmosphere of this amazing art form, students train, aspire and persevere together, pushing each other to reach their full potential.

Why should you choose Black Belt Steele Creek? It could be strength and flexibility training, real world self-defense, or the acquiring of leadership and focus skills. There are many exciting and motivational reasons. However, once you walk through the door and talk to our instructors and students, you will realize that you've come to the right place! Joining our Taekwondo family brings you a gift that extends beyond training and education and into camaraderie. Teen nights, family nights, kids nights, pot luck dinners, fund raisers, demonstrations, seminars and many other activities draw our students and staff together to form a cohesive unit. Students get involved and genuinely care about each other and their success. So come in today for a free orientation and find out if this is where you want you, your family or your children to be!

Taekwondo Specials

$29.99 Special

1 month of unlimited Taekwondo classes & FREE uniform.

$99.99 Special

3 month of unlimited Taekwondo classes & FREE uniform.

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