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Family Taekwondo Program

Family Taekwondo Program

Family Taekwondo Program

Not in shape? No experience with martial arts? Not to worry! Our family programs are designed to suit students of any skill level. Classes are conducted in a way that fosters support and encouragement among family members, as students work together to achieve shared goals. When was the last time your family shared an experience together that you all enjoyed? Why not participate in one that will also help you all to become more healthy, physically fit and focused? Tae Kwon Do is an endeavor through which you can exercise your minds, bodies and spirits, both individual and as a family. We invite you to come by and see how our family martial arts program can benefit you. Family classes are designed to have a friendly, family-type atmosphere is what we pride ourselves in. You’ll see why the Taekwondo culture stresses the importance of family, and be able to find that family activity that parents, kids, brothers and sisters will all enjoy. Family martial arts is an excellent way to not only bond as a family, but to develop stronger trust and a more solid relationship with one another. At Black Belt Steele Creek, we encourage parents to join their children in learning the art of Taekwondo by attending classes together as a family. Our family programs have many benefits for everyone that participates, including:

  • Physical fitness
  • Discipline
  • Character development
  • Respect
  • Team work
  • Self-confidence
  • Trust
  • Family unity

Taekwondo Specials

$29.99 Special

1 month of unlimited Taekwondo classes & FREE uniform.

$99.99 Special

3 month of unlimited Taekwondo classes & FREE uniform.

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